What is your acceptable use policy?

Don't harass anyone (including me), do not abuse this service (creating exessive load, using the platform for the purpose of "DDoS"/"DoS"-ing etc, use your brain), do not try to gain access to other user accounts, do not "load test" my stuff, if you wish penetration test the system, email email@helgesverre.com to get written consent first, if you find a security vulnerability, send it to the same email, and I'll buy you a steam game or something as a token of gratitude. I am not liable for any damages, or fuckups caused by your usage of CronJewrb.

What data is saved and how is it used?

Your email is stored in a database, this is used as your login, the password you choose is hashed (with Bcrypt) and the hash is stored in the database, this is standard practice.

When you create a cron job in the system, this information is stored, along with a timestamp that tells me when it was made, when the cron job is "run" a log entry is stored based on the input you provided (the http method and URL), this information is stored until it is deleted (to delete all log entries, delete the cron job that generated it).

A cookie (it's called cronjewrb_session) is stored in your browser to identify you as a user or visitor, this cookie or any information regarding your browsing habits or whatever, is not shared nor is it stored anywhere once you logout or close your browser, accepting cookies is necessary to be logged in to the service.

CronJewrb does not use any analytics software or advertisement tracking.

Who has access to your data?

A single person (me), I am able to access the database and read everything, i can also login as your user account (for debugging purposes), if you have a problem with that, do not use this service.

Where does the name come from?

It's a reference to a south park phrase, which i misspelled, because all the other good domain names were taken: Dey duk er jewrbs!

Are you GDPR-bullshit compliant?

If you want your account to be deleted, email me at email@helgesverre.com, I will eventually build a "delete my shit" button in the software itself, but for now I'll do it manually.